Botaniline helathy processed meats


BOTANILINE began as a passion project in Buffalo, NY.

As a food scientist, our co-founder Dean O’Brien has always challenged himself

to invent new ways to make products better – and more efficiently.


While serving as VP of Operations at Wardynski Meats, one of the most reputable meat manufacturers in the United States, Dean was responsible for new product developments and technology.  That’s where he met co-founder Joe Lopez, and together – while processing sausage – they had an idea. The colleagues teamed up to create a replacement for all the fillers and binders they were currently using in Wardynski’s sausage.


The potato mixture they invented not only eased the processing formula by using fewer ingredients, the sausage tasted the same, if not better. With the elimination of the fillers and addition of a 100% all natural, vegetable-based ingredient, a healthier product was born!


Dean, among others, realized they were onto something truly revolutionary. BOTANILINE was born and more food science innovations are being created every day.


Our mission is to improve worldwide health by helping you create low sodium processed proteins and allergen-free alternatives using our plant-based ingredients.



Our goal is to bring our food technology to schools, universities, hospitals, long-term care facilities, correctional facilities, the US Military, and retail so those that are on low sodium diets, need allergen-free alternatives, or simply want to eat healthier, can do so without having to worry about ingredient mix.