Raymond “Skip” Wardynski, Co-Founder & Owner / President, F. Wardynski & Sons





Skip is a third-generation owner/operator of F. Wardynski and Sons, a company his grandfather started in his home on the east side of Buffalo 99 years ago. As the times and decades changed, so did Wardynski’s.  From its formation, through the great depression, to the introduction of new machinery and modern technology, the Wardynski DNA has been resilient.


Skip’s direct involvement with the family-owned ' icon’ began in 1981.  However, to his enormous credit, Skip never forgot the foundations created and legacy of his grandfather or father.  Unlike many generational changes of leadership, Skip kept his father totally involved in the business by installing production (and security) cameras in all corners of the manufacturing facility that served as his grandparents’ home.  With these cameras in place, Skip’s dad could maintain his passion in the business by watching operations from his home in Sarasota, FL.  It was common for his dad to call in regularly to ‘push the envelope’.


Speaking of pushing the envelope, Skip readily embraced the technological and operational improvements brought to Wardynski & Sons by Dean O’Brien; and in particular, in 2012, when Dean suggested advanced test-kitchen experimentation with the carefully processed ‘Ingredient’, Skip was not only completely supportive, he oversaw the testing with his advanced knowledge of protein processing and the characteristics of various meats.  The result: Wardynski & Sons, along with Dean’s expertise, can clone ANY currently nationally branded retail or food service product with the exact flavor, texture, moisture, and aroma—but with dramatic lowering of calories, saturated fats, and sodium.


Skip graduated from Syracuse University in 1981 with his degree in Marketing.

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