Green Technology




Is O’Brien’s Best™ a Spice or Sodium Replacement commodity like Potassium Chloride?

Neither. O’Brien’s Best™ is fully approved by the USDA / FDA / CFIA as an ingredient, and it must be displayed as such. Typically, O’Brien’s Best™ will be listed on the ingredient statement by its common household name “Potato”.


Potato? Any kind of Potato?

The Trade Secrets and Patent surround a very highly secretive “Process” that involve various highly regimented ‘circuit breakers’. The base ingredient is Potato, and we have proven the science to work effectively with ANY kind of Potato. But one must know the chemical structure of the ingredient we are capturing, as different potatoes will require fine tuning of our process. The ingredient is NOT potato starch, nor will it work like a starch to achieve the desired results.


What are the health benefits?

The ‘Technology and Ingredient’ is composed of sustainable, “green” technology. Utilizing our technology and ingredient guarantees a conversion to a much healthier protein with 20-40% fewer calories and saturated fats, lower calories from fats, and dramatically reduces sodium (from 25% to 95% less salt).


From a Food Science Perspective, we don’t understand; HOW DOES IT WORK?

This is the subject matter of our Trade Secrets; however, from strictly a food science and chemistry basis, “O’Brien’s Best” synergistic-ally reacts with the protein at precise points; in that it binds and bonds with the ground protein; then, it becomes a Catalyst for accelerating the ‘functional aspects of salt’ with the protein, and finally, as a Peptide: it holds adsorbs and maintains oils, flavors, moisture, several times its weight.


Does BOTANILINE address the massive push by companies and customers for ‘Clean/Green’, Chemical-Free foods?

YES! We recognize the critical need to provide the food industry with All-Natural Alternatives to TVP (textured vegetable protein), Soy Additives and Extracts, MSG (monosodium glutamate), BHA/BHT, Glutens, Lactose, and numerous other chemical & allergen-based ingredients from food items currently served to the general public.  


Which processed proteins could incorporate O’Brien’s Best?


ALL Processed (ground) Proteins including, but not limited to beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, seafood, vegetable-based foodstuffs, and unique game-type products (boar, bison, elk, pheasant, rabbit, duck, and others) benefit. The elimination of TVP, Soy (binders and/or extenders), MSG and more is immediately achievable.


How readily available is ‘O’Brien’s Best’?


We recognize that you cannot afford any disruptions in your supply chain, so we have arrangements in place for redundancy. The processed vegetable-based Ingredient (manufactured under strict license) is readily available on a world-wide basis, with four current sources of licensed suppliers.



How will the reduction or elimination of currently used binders, fillers and preservatives affect our quality, our brand, texture, flavor, aroma and other aspects of our product?


Calories, saturated fats, and sodium drop instantly....with absolutely no change to the flavor, texture, aroma, or other required characteristics of the core product. Consumers are receiving the healthiest possible processed meats on the planet, with absolutely no downside changes whatsoever.



Have you thoroughly tested this technology? Have you used independent tasting panels? How can you prove and demonstrate your claims?

BOTANILINE® has, under various Mutually Confidential Non-Disclosure Agreements, cloned over 200 product recipes. We have replicated nationally branded All-Beef Hot Dogs, Meatloaf, Meatballs, Sausages, and the like. We instantly removed such additives as Sorbitol, Sodium Phosphate, Hydrolyzed Corn Protein (MSG) and Sodium Diacetate.


In one demonstration, in front of 10 PhD Food Scientists and a panel of 67 Nutritional Directors, Chefs, and Registered Dietitians, NONE OF THEM COULD TELL THE DIFFERENCE between their products produced with ‘O’Brien’s Best’ and their product recipe without ‘O’Brien’s Best’.


Can I get samples of ‘O’Brien’s Best’ to test in my products?


After completion of a mutually protective NDA, we will work with you to make certain BOTANILINE’s testing protocols are followed. Your results are assured.



Laws and regulations are likely to change with respect to chemical additives and clean labeling. Can you guarantee that quality, taste, texture and health benefits will not be compromised?


We strongly anticipate that the World Health Organization, the F.D.A. Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, and others will issue guidelines for mandating lower sodium levels, lower fats, and making product labeling much more consumer friendly. BOTANILINE can guarantee that its’ quality, taste, texture, and health benefits will not be compromised.