Years ago, I introduced a wide array of specialty game sausages using exotic products such as Boar, Bison, Elk, Pheasant, Rabbit, Duck, and now, we have added a new line of gourmet hors d’oeurves. With Skip Wardynski’s incredible knowledge of proteins and Dean O’Brien’s knowledge of his ‘Ingredient technology’, we have perfected my recipes with the ability to bring out an extraordinary flavor panel, control fats, and sodium and make these offerings affordable. I sell my products worldwide to cruise lines, 5-star hotels, casinos and over the Internet. This ingredient has been a blessing to me.

Robert Allen

Owner of Chateau Royal

Several years ago, my partners and I launched “Christie’s Kickers” through a new enterprise called FieldHouse Foods, LLC.  Like our corporate name suggests, we are focused on the nutritional aspects of professional athletes who have dietary and performance expectations well beyond my professional years in the NFL.  Using the BOTANILINE® ingredient provides all the taste, texture and quality the athletes want; but with a fraction of the saturated fats and excess sodium that will limit their maximum performance on the field, the court, the ice, the diamond, or for the weekend warrior. ​

Steve Christie

Former Buffalo Bills Placekicker / Owner of Fieldhouse Foods, LLC

At Wholesale Foods, we had a unique manufacturing challenge: provide our customer with exactly what they wanted in an all-natural ‘Veggie Burger’, but without TVP, Soy Extracts or other chemicals or other binders / fillers.  The BOTANILINE solution has allowed us to be among the very first manufacturers to produce a true, healthy and chemical free Veggie Burger that uses a carefully processed “potato” to replace all the bad stuff.


Owner at Wholesale Foods

We put the food scientists at BOTANILINE to the ultimate test. Produce an Italian Sausage with 30mg of sodium; ground meat products such as meat loaf, meat balls, Salisbury steak, and multiple other proteins with low calories, saturated fats and very low levels of sodium; against our highly trained culinary chefs, assistants, and taste panelists…the BOTANILINE Technology literally ‘blew us away’…they exceed our most stringent testing protocols.  Their approach to improving all the nutritional aspects of proteins is exactly where the industry should be headed.


Food Service Management

We can’t wait to put this technology in virtually all of our protein dietary programs.  We have proven that we can eliminate a huge amount of cost; but more importantly, the vast number of ‘special’ menu requirements for individuals who are sensitive to glutens or allergens, or lactose intolerant, individuals who have issues of hypertension or at risk for strokes and heart attacks, diabetes or other health risk factors.  Simply put, this technology is going to improve every aspect of our dietary planning and execution requirements; and improve customer satisfaction.


Department of Corrections

At Wardynski & Sons, the BOTANILINE technology has allowed us to ‘dial-in’ the exact requirements for our customer base.  We will always hold to our “old-world” traditions and the legacies of my father and grandfather; but for Meals-On-Wheels, and several of our other specialty customers, the introduction of this technology has given us an enormous competitive edge. Because of the tremendous health benefits and reduction in sodium, we saw there was a real need for this technology beyond our company. It’s why we started Botaniline – with the mission of improving worldwide health and providing a solution to other businesses looking to do the same. 

Skip Wardynski

Owner/President F. Wardynski & Sons

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